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For all your air conditioner needs in St. Augustine, FL, reach out to Reliable Ducts Heating & Cooling. Our AC company just recently opened our doors, but our owners have been providing reliable home services in Duval County for more than 15 years! We’re an AC contractor that is built on being transparent and offering excellent customer service throughout the Jax region. Our team is also proud to have deep roots in the community we serve.

Air Conditioning Services in St. Augustine, FL

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We’re proud to offer:
  • Free estimates and second opinions
  • 100% satisfaction guarantees
  • Honest communication
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  • Flexible scheduling

Exceptional St. Augustine AC Repairs

There are many noticeable signs your air conditioning system may need repairs. When these symptoms occur, give us a call as soon as possible, we’ll get it remedied in no time. If something’s wrong with your AC unit, you could notice harsh or abnormal smells coming from your air conditioner. For instance, if your AC system starts to smell like car exhaust, this could mean there’s a leak in your refrigerant line and you should have it looked at quickly. If you start to smell something burning and it’s coming from your AC system, it could just be dust or something potentially more dangerous. Please call us right away if you do notice this happening. There’s a lot of cases where people notice a musty scent from their air conditioner. This could most likely be fungus or mildew growing in the drain pan or drip lines.

Signs You Need AC Repair

Another sign that something is wrong with your AC system, is the increase of irregular sounds coming from your system. If you notice a banging sound from your air conditioner, this may indicate a loose or broken part moving around. If you notice an irregular buzzing noise this could be the symptom of many things. A few common culprits include: loose parts, your fan motor, the rubbing together of copper lines, and sometimes refrigerant leaks.

If not irregular sounds or smells, you may notice your air conditioning system blowing hot air instead of cold, or weak airflow. If you notice one or multiple signs of system failure, give our team at Reliable Ducts Heating & Cooling a call before things get worse or break down.

When do you need AC repairs?
  • AC smells like car exhaust
  • You notice a burning smell
  • Banging noises
  • Buzzing noises
  • You find Leaks

Don’t let a malfunctioning air conditioner get you down. Reliable Ducts Heating & Cooling is your trustworthy AC contractor for St. Augustine repairs. We know that system breakdowns can happen day or night. That’s why we’re open 24/7 for emergency service. In fact, you can reach us 365 days a year!

AC Installation and Replacement

Air Conditioner Installation Services in St. Augustine, FLAre you ready for a new air conditioner? Turn to the team at Reliable Ducts Heating & Cooling for an AC installation in St. Augustine.

Do you know if your air conditioning system needs a replacement rather than a repair job? On average, a well maintained air conditioning system should last you between 15 to 20 years. Other factors can change this number, but to keep the system you have operating almost two decades, quality care is needed. In most cases, around the 15 year mark, you might start to notice more and more problems with your AC system.

Repairs can become more and more frequent, energy usage goes up, and your overall energy bill can increase. You’ll notice the performance of your air conditioning systems weakening and becoming less reliable. In these instances, constant repair costs can stack up and it may make more sense to replace your old system for a new one.

Consider an AC replacement if you’re:
  • Facing expensive repairs
  • Frequently calling for AC service
  • Struggling to keep the house comfortable
  • Watching your cooling bills go up and up
  • Noticing excessive dust around the house

Most air conditioners last 10 to 15 years. After that, replacement is often a better bet than repairs. A new system may improve your efficiency and lower your power bills. If you’re not sure if a repair or new system is right for you, let us be the team you trust to make the right decision for your home and comfort needs.

Experienced St. Augustine AC Maintenance

By far, the best way to keep your AC systems in perfect working order is by scheduling routine maintenance at least once a year. This way, our experts can find and diagnose small problems before they become complex repairs. Routine AC maintenance keeps your system efficient, clean, and operating like brand new. It can also extend the lifetime of your air conditioning by avoiding severe damages. If you’ve moved into a new home with an AC system with a mystery history, or you haven’t had your system you bought checked in quite some time, give us a call.

You can extend the life of your air conditioner by keeping it in good condition, and that all starts with regular maintenance from our crew. We’ll look over the components, clean them and add lubricant where needed. If we find that your system could use repairs, we’ll let you know right away.

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It’s best to schedule a tune-up before the cooling season gets underway. We encourage you to sign up for our Quack Protection Plan, which includes annual maintenance visits, priority response and reduced service fees!

Turn to Reliable Ducts Heating & Cooling when you need help from an AC company that serves St. Augustine. When you need a hand with your heat pump or furnace, we offer the best heating services around as well. Our team also specializes in UV lighting, indoor air quality, humidity control, ventilation testing and ductwork services. Schedule your appointment today!



    • “I don't usually post any thing but these guys blew me away. Beginning with the Tim the sales manager who is also the guy who picked up the phone. On time, professional and extremely knowledgeable about ac systems. His installers were on time, friendly and professional. I would highly recommend Reliable Ducts.”

      P. Shannon, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
    • “Reliable Ducts was amazing! We have an old, tricky house that a lot of companies passed on saying the job was too tough. These guys did an awesome job, were fairly priced (especially considering our situation), and were quick and thorough. We appreciate it!”

      C. Stinson, Atlantic Beach, FL
    • “Reliable Ducts exceeded all of my expectations! They recently installed a new unit at our house and I can’t say enough good things about the process. From the initial quote through the installation the sales and install team were top notch and professional. Thanks for making a difficult process so seamless! Look forward to recommending and using you in the future.”

      T. Lamer, Jacksonville, FL
    • “We live at the beach and had new AC installed but still could not figure out a way of keeping the humidity down. Reliable Ducts took several hours just to diagnose the issue and come up with a solution that was tailored to our needs and our budget. The installation was timely and professional as well as clean and fairly priced. We installed a whole house dehumidifier, ultra violet light to maintain mold free air and added vents to create air movement. It all works perfectly now. Thank you!”

      M. Mignone, Neptune Beach, FL
    • “Im not usually one to leave reviews but I highly recommend Reliable Ducts Heating & Cooling. They are polite, professional, and are very easy to work with. They recently installed a new unit at our home and I can’t stress enough how professional and informative they were. From start to finish, Reliable Ducts heating & Cooling were able to answer any questions that I had and made the entire process easy for us. Thank you!”

      B. Hunt, Jacksonville Beach, FL
    • “Reliable ducts was great! They were able to get out to us quickly and took care of everything. Very knowledgeable and trustworthy. Would highly recommend them to anyone.” P. Crosley, St. Augustine, FL “Great company. Great team. Great value. And....trustworthy!”

      J. Winberry, St. Johns, FL
    • “Showed up and completed work on time. Reliable. Performed high quality workmanship.” A. Porcelli, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL “Outstanding service! Great knowledge of systems. Perfectionist technicians. Timely. Accomplished install as briefed upfront and on budget. I recommend this company highly!”

      P. Scholl, Atlantic Beach, FL
    • “After Mother Nature zapped our AC unit in mid-August, we were sweating in a hot house. Reliable Ducts came out on same day and showed up as promised. Technician Josh thoroughly explained what was broken and had us fixed quickly (and cooling!). Such an easy, positive experience with an AC company! Highly recommend Reliable Ducts.”

      E. Richman, Jacksonville Beach, FL
    • “Reliable Ducts Heating and Cooling has worked at several of our properties. We are very happy with their response time , quality of their work, and professionalism.”

      D. Dickerson, Jacksonville, FL
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